Application of environmental criteria in economic-mathematical modeling for the development of organic agricultural production

O. Yu. Voronkova, I. N. Sycheva


The article presents a method of parallel optimization of structure of sowing areas for the calculation of economic-mathematical models. There models could be applied for traditional and oriented way towards organic production the land use system, characterized by the introduction of an additional unit of environmental criteria restrictions. We supposed that the provision of land suitable for organic production, gross production volume of organic products and the cost of its production. Based on the proposed methodology, the mathematical model proved its effectiveness of the functioning of the zonal agricultural ecosystem "Foothills of Altai". We calculated that the turnover of land suitable for organic production and the level of profitability was of 39.7% against 17.3% at optimization of the structure of sown areas under traditional agricultural production that was subject to full involvement in production of agricultural production.



economic and mathematical modeling; organic produce; organically oriented production; organically applicable deposit; optimization of land use; production efficiency

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