Bumblebee fauna (Hymenoptera, Apidae: Bombus Latreille) of Chelyabinsk region (Russia)

Z. I. Tyumaseva, E. V. Guskova


The annotated list of 36 species of bumblebees of Chelyabinsk region is presented. Ten species are newly recorded for this region: Bombus ruderarius (Müller, 1776); B. campestris (Panzer, 1801); B. bohemicus Seidl, 1837; B. barbutellus (Kirby, 1802); B. quadricolor (Lepeletier, 1832); B. sylvestris (Lepeletier, 1832); B. rupestris (Fabricius, 1793); B. patagiatus Nylander, 1848; B. semenoviellus Skorikov, 1910; B. lapidarius (Linnaeus, 1758). The features of bumblebees’ distribution in the region and their ecological peculiarities are considered.


Bombus; Bumblebee; Chelyabinsk region; distribution; Fauna; Insecta, Ural

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2017_91

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