Interactive effect of tank-mixed post emergent herbicides and plant growth regulators on corn yield

Yu.І. Tkalich, А.І. Tsylіuryk, S.V. Masliiov, V.І. Kozechko


We proved that tank mixture (Task Extra 440 g ha-1 + Par Trend 0.2L ha-1 + Vympel 1000 g ha-1) had the maximum efficiency in corn protection against the weeds in the conditions of Northern Ukrainian Steppe. This mixture had high index of herbicide technical efficiency (96.6%) and contributed to a steady tendency to increase the plant height by 5-7 cm (2.1-2.8%), the leaf surface area by 5-6%, structure elements of the yield (cob length by 13.6 cm (5.1%), cob graininess by 18 pieces (3.9%), weight of 1000 grains by 29 g (9.1%) and grain yield by 0.33 t ha-1 (5.3%) compared to control. The tank mixture of the herbicide Titus Extra with the plant growth regulator Vympel (Titus Extra 50 g ha-1 + Par Trend 0.2L ha-1 + Pennant 500g ha-1) has also positive effect and was slightly lower than Task Extra 440 g ha-1 + Par Trend 0.2L ha-1 + Vympel 1000 g ha-1) for the grain yield by 0.12 t ha-1 (1.9%).


corn;weeds;herbicides;tank mixture;plant growth regulator;Vympel;Extra Task;Titus Extra;biometric indicators;yield structure elements

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