Diagnosis of isoniazid poisoning in dogs

O.V. Bayer, O.V. Bondarets, Yu.V. Dobrozhan, N.V. Liniichyuk, O.M. Stupak, G.I. Dereviaga, L.V. Shevchenko, V.M. Mykhalska


The conducted researches have proved the possibility of using biological samples of pathological material from dogs containing stomachs for posthumous diagnosis of dogs with isoniazid poisoning. On the basis of the data obtained, the liquid chromatography method was modified and validated to identify and quantify the content of the isoniazid in the stomach that died from poisoning. The essence of the method for the determination of isoniazid consists in the selection of samples of the trapped stomach of the bodies of dogs, homogenization and deproteinization of samples followed by extraction of isoniazid with a solution of methanol. Identification and quantitative determination of isoniazid is carried out by liquid chromatography using a chromatograph with a dual mass spectrometric detector. It has been proved that a modified and adapted technique for determining the content of isoniazid in the stomach contents of dogs is sensitive and according to its parameters meets the European requirements. This method is fast enough, practical and reliable. The conducted researches have proved that out of 22 samples of biological material from homeless and domestic dogs that died from unspecified causes during 2016-2017, in the laboratory of the research chemical and toxicological department of the State Research Institute for Laboratory Diagnostics and Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise Injury poisoning with isoniazid has been confirmed in 9 cases, which is 41% of the total deaths. The lowest concentration of isoniazid, which caused the death of dogs during 2016-2017, was detected in the stomach containing 90.5 μg / kg, and the highest - respectively - 5799.8 μg / kg. Given the high sensitivity, reproducibility and reliability of the method, it can be recommended for the diagnosis of poisoning homeless and domestic dogs with isoniazid in laboratories of veterinary medicine.


isoniazid;homeless and domestic dogs;corpses;liquid chromatography

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Zakon Ukrainy Pro vnesennia zmin do deiakykh zakonodavchykh aktiv Ukrainy shchodo zaprovadzhennia humannoho stavlennia do tvaryn vid 22.06.2017 № 2120-VIII chynnyi z 04.08.2017 Available from: http://search.ligazakon.ua/l_doc2.nsf/link1/T172120.html/ Accessed on 12.01.2018 (in Ukrainian).

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2018_241

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