Diversity of Cyanoprokaryota in sandy habitats in Pryazov National Natural Park (Ukraine)

S. O. Yarovyi, L. I. Arabadhzi, A. M. Solonenko, O. G. Bren, E. I. Maltsev, A. V. Matsyura


Data on abundance and distribution on Cyanoprokaryota of alluvial soil of the Pryazov National Natural Park (PNNP) are presented. The PNNP is situated in the south part of Zaporizhzhya region near the Azov Sea. Sandy soils of the PNNP are suitable habitats for biodiversity conservation. Nevertheless. Cyanoprokaryota algae have been studying insufficiently and unevenly. 16 soil samples were sampled from the sandy habitats in the PNPP to study the Cyanoprokaryota. The sampling was carried out on the sample areas during 2014-2015 in various locations on Stepanivka Spit (Azov Sea), Fedotova Spit (Utlyutskyi Estuary), Tubalskyy estuary at the mouth Korsak, Taschenakskyi hearth (mouth of the river Tashchenak), Berdyansk Spit near the Krasne lake, Samples were sampled by a conventional algological method, treatment and identification of sampled material was performed in the Laboratory of Botany and Gardening of the Bogdan Chmelnitskiy Melitopol State Pedagogical University.
Laboratory processing of the material was carried with culturing methods in two types of cultures: soil cultures with glasses of growth and Bold’s nutrient agar with normal and triple quantity of nitrogen (1N BBM and 3 NBBM). Identification were performed with the light binocular microscope “MICROmed XS-5520” using 40x and 100x objective lenses.

Here we registered 23 cyanoprokaryota species from 3 orders (Chroococcales, Oscillatoriales, and Nostocales), 10 families (Merismopediaceae, Gomphosphaeriaceae, Microcystaceae, Chroococcaceae, Oscillatoriaceae, Phormidiaceae, Schizotrichaceae, Pseudanabaenaceae, Nostocaceae, Rivulariaceae) and 11 genera. The dominant species were Merismopedia elegans, M. glauca, Chroococcus minutus, Calothrix parietina, Leptolyngbya notata, Nostoc microscopicum, and Phormidium (Komvophoron) mucicola. Such species like Merismopedia elegans, M. glauca, Chroococcus minutus, and Calothrix parietina were found in all studied park plots with sandy soils that confirming algae wide ecological tolerance. We also discovered strong domination of aquatic species at studied habitats.


Cyanoprokaryota; Pryazov National Natural Park; algae flora

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2017_24

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