Contamination of Ain Djenane’s water source of the city Tiaret (Algeria) by nitrates, nitrogen and phosphates

M. Chafaa, K. Naceur, Y. Omar, M. Maatoug, M. Kharitonov


Several levies have been made in the groundwater of Ain Djenane of the Tiaret region (Algeria) during the period of April to May 2016 at the level of several wells located in urban areas. These levies have been the subject of analysis according to the techniques of the quality of the water assessment and the recommendations of the World Health Organization. The physical characteristics show that the water is of good quality. Very high nitrate rate has revealed with the chemical analyzes. The physico-chemical analysis has shown that studied wells have toxic substances concentrations below the WHO and national standards. It was indicated a strong contamination with nitrates (98.19±2.46 mg/l), nitrogen (18.0±3.33mg/l), phosphates (0.487±0.06 mg/l), and the contents of suspensions (851.76±18.1 mg/l), respectively. These concentrations are bigger than the standards recommended by the WHO (2006) and the standards of Algeria. The presence very high nitrates content in these waters could constitute a significant health risk to human health.


groundwater; quality; wells; physico-chemical analysis; Tiaret; Algeria

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