Many-plumed moths of the republic of South Africa (Lepidoptera, Alucitidae)

P. Ya. Ustjuzhanin, V. N. Kovtunovich


The present study provides a review of 26 Alucitidae species of the Republic of South Africa. 5 species are reported for the first time for the fauna of RSA. New synonymies are established for 3 species: Alucita brachyzona (Meyrick, 1920) is synonymized under Alucita tesserata (Meyrick, 1918), and Alucita megaphimus (Hering, 1917) and Alucita loxoschista (Meyrick, 1931) are synonymized under Alucita seychellensis (T.B. Fletcher, 1910). The type localities, general distribution in RSA and in its provinces are given.


Lepidoptera; Alucitidae; Republic of South Africa; fauna; new synonyms; new data

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