Impact of mulch tillage and fertilization on growth and development of winter wheat plants in clean fallow in Northern Steppe of Ukraine

A. I. Tsyliuryk, Yu. I. Tkalich, S. V. Masliiov, V. I. Kozechko


In conditions of the northern steppe of Ukraine, while cultivating winter wheat after corn in clean fallow the expediency of shallow mulch tillage (disk, flat-cut (early fallow)) has been justified, which provides obtaining equivalent biometric indicators of plant growth and development, grain yield compared to the fall-plowing (the yield of grains for plowing is 5,24-5,50 t/ha, the disking is 5,17-5,60 t/ha, flat-topping loosening (early fallow) – 5,04-5,52 t/ha) on the organic and mineral background (stubble residues + N30-60P30K30). The autumn disk and spring flat-cut cultivation of the fallow field on the background of applying N30-60P30K30 ensure the annual yield of high quality grain of the 3d class (protein – 11,6-12,3%, gluten – 22,6-24,6%), and also contribute to fuel economy during soil cultivation – 22-29 l/ha and guarantee high profitability of grain production at the level of 110-123%).


winter wheat; clean fallow; tillage; stubble residues; plant growth and development; biometric indicators; fertilization; grain yield

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