Changing the intestinal microbiota of chickens in ontogenesis

I. N. Nikonov, L. A. Il'ina, I. I. Kochish, M. N. Romanov, L. I. Podobed, G. Yu. Laptev, A. N. Panin, V. I. Smolenskij, P. F. Suraj


This paper presents the results of a molecular genetic analysis of the changes in the composition of the microbiota of the blind processes of the intestine of the hens of the industrial loam "Lohmann Brown" during ontogeny. According to the results of the analysis of taxonomic affiliation it is established that over 70% of the phylotypes belong to the three phylums - Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes and Proteobacteria, less represented were Actinobacteria, Tenericutes and Fusobacteria, and a significant number of unidentified bacteria was detected. During ontogenesis, birds exhibited marked changes in the ratio of the number of phylotypes and taxonomic groups of the intestinal microbiota. At the age of 20-40 weeks, the birds showed a significant increase in the representatives of the Clostridia class involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, acid-utilizing bacteria of the order Negativicutes and bacteria with high antagonistic properties (Bifidobacteriales, Bacillus), as well as a significant decrease in the content of a number of opportunistic and pathogenic taxa - family Enterobacteriaceae, the order of Pseudomonadales, phylum Tenericutes. The greatest homogeneity of the bacterial community of the blind processes of the gastrointestinal tract in laying hens was revealed at the age of 20 weeks, which is confirmed by the estimation of biodiversity by means of ecological indices. 


bacterial community; microbiota; blind intestinal processes; chickens; Lohmann Brown cross; T-RFLP analysis

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