Effects of microbicide based on lactic acid and metal nanoparticles on laboratory animals

G. V. Ponomarenko, V. L. Kovalenko, O. V. Ponomarenko, Yu. O. Balackiy


Modern complex disinfectants should not only be highly effective against most pathogens, but also safe for the body of laboratory and farm animals. To determine the effect of microbicides on animal organism, there are several commonly accepted parameters that are regulated by relevant methodological documents. Taking into account the urgency of the development and implementation of modern disinfectants, the purpose of the researche was to study the effects of the drug "Orgsept" on the indicators of acute toxicity and its harmful effects on laboratory animals. The determination of acute toxicity, the study of the cumulative and skin-resorptive action of the drug "Orgasept" was performed on clinically healthy white mice, and the irritating effect and sensitizing properties were studied on Guinea pigs. The studies were conducted using generally accepted techniques (Yakubchak et al., 2005). According to the results of the research, acute toxicity, cumulative, sensitizing, irritating, skin-resorptive action of the disinfectant based on lactic acid and nanoparticles of silver "Orgasept" on laboratory animals were determined. It has been determined that the investigated preparation according to sanitary-and-hygienic norms GOST 12.1.007-76 belongs to the 3 groups of toxicity in concentrations which are significantly higher than bactericidal, it does not have a pronounced cumulative, sensitizing and skin-resorptive action.


lactic acid; nanoparticles of metals; microbicide; toxicity; laboratory animals

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2017_148

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