Amphipod assemblage found on sublittoral hydroids in the White Sea with the special remarks to symbiotic association of stenothoid Metopa alderi with hydroid Tubularia larynx

I. N. Marin, S. Yu. Sinelnikov


Data on amphipod assemblage associated with sublittoral hydroids collected in the Kandalaksha Bay in the White Sea are presented in the paper. Eleven species of amphipods were found, among them only M. alderi (Stenothoidae) could be considered as specific symbionts for 3 species of sublittoral hydroid, namely H. falcate, S. mirabilis and T. larynx. Aquarium and in situ observation showed that adult females of M. alderi occupy hydrants and protect from other invading females, while males are moving between hydrants showing the absence of any strict territoriality. Probably, the species specifically associated with the habitat on the hydroids polyps allowing feed both on tissues of polyp/hydrant and catching floating particles. Females show no negative reaction to juveniles or males presenting on the same hydrants, and normally co-existed during all time of observations. The males during usually actively move inside the colony of hydroids T. larynx between hydrants and migrating to neighboring colonies showing no negative reaction to females or juvenile; they were numerously catch in plankton in September.


Hydrozoa; associations; symbiosis; Amphipoda; Stenothoidae; Metopa; hydroids; Tubularia; White Sea

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