S. K. Korb


The following primary types are designated: lectotype of Argynnis eugenia montana Bang-Haas, 1906, lectotype of Argynnis
amphilochus var. elatus Staudinger, 1892, neotype of Papilio tritonia Boeber, 1812 and lectotype of Melitaea trivia nana Staudinger,
1871. The holotype (by monotypy) of Argynnis eugenia fulgens Bang-Haas, 1927 is figured. The type locality of Melitaea trivia
nana Staudinger, 1871 by lectotype designation is Macedonia. The synonymisation of taxa Boloria tritonia (Boeber, 1812) and B.
elatus (Staudinger, 1892) is now objective.


Lepidoptera; Nymphalidae; Satyridae; type specimens; designations.

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