N. Yu. Polchaninova


A total of 73 spider species from 15 families were recorded from the Bykova Sheya site of the “Galich’ya Gora” Nature Reserve (Lipetsk Region, Russia) in April – August 2011–2012. The material was collected thorough pitfall-trapping and sweep-netting. Four habitats were investigated: abandoned field on the upper interfluves (31 spider species), stony slope with the typical vegetation of calcareous grasslands (28 species), slope with shrub and fob-bunchgrass vegetation (35 species), and a floodplain meadow (38 species). Hand collecting in a forest shelterbelt and on the riverbank added eight species to the list. Two families, Gnaphosidae (15 species) and Lycosidae (13 species) were the most species-rich. Four registered species are regionally rare (Gnaphosa taurica, Berlandina cinerea, Eresus kollari and Alopecosa solitaria); the latter two can be considered as specific species of the ‘Bykova Sheya’ site. An annotated checklist and a brief description of the spider assemblages of different habitats are given.


Aranei; “Galich’ya Gora” Reserve; Lipetsk Region; fauna; spider assemblages; steppe habitats

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