D. D. Horban, T. I. Stanishevska


The study of functional state of the microcirculation in the female body by laser Doppler flux-metry (LDF), which allows evaluating the state of the tissue blood flow and detecting signs of microcirculation changes under the influence of various factors were done. Studying individual typological features of blood circulation during recording LDF-grams in girl’s students, most of them recorded mainly of high LDF-grams with severe vasomotor waves of the second order. Parameter of microcirculation (PM) of each blood flow ranged from 3.4 to 27.4 perf. ed.; on average it was 19,0 ± 0,43 perf. units. The level of tissue blood flow oscillations – SCR ranged from 0.57 to 3.23 perf. units., accounting for an average of 2,06 ± 0,05 perf. units. The coefficient of variation on average was 13,2 ± 0,51. We identified three types of LDF-grams, corresponding to different types of blood. We also determined the relationship of the thermal hyperemia with the phases of the menstrual cycle and daily dynamics of changes of microcirculation blood.

Data on the peculiarities of microcirculation in female students have important theoretical and practical significance for understanding the mechanisms of regulation of tissue blood flow. The normative indicators of blood microcirculation of female students would much easier identify the functional changes in human body by using of non-invasive methods. The data on blood circulation in females can be used as standard rates of LDF measuring the study of pathological processes in medicine.

Keywords: blood microcirculation, the thermal hyperemia, laser Doppler flux-metry.

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