I. P. Anosov, O. V. Timoshenko, O. A. Zolotuhin, V. E. Medved, A. A. Slepkan, E. D. Meleshko


This work addresses the question of primary school age children`s blood microcirculation in dependence on their individual typical features. We examined some 120 healthy children of 6-9 years, which were the students of secondary schools of the city of Melitopol. Anthropometric survey was conducted by the standard measurement scheme of longitudinal chest and weight parameters of the bodies of children. Diagnosis of body type (somatotype) was conducted by the method of M. Chernorutskiy. According to the index of physical development - Pine index (PI), the children were divided into three somatic type: asthenic with IP> 30 gipersteni at PI <10 and normostenic type at 10 <PI <30. Determination of body weight was carried out on medical scale with accuracy up to 50 g. Body length was determined by anthropometer with accuracy of 0.1 cm To determine the size of the chest we used the measuring tape. During the study we found that most of the surveyed children of 6-9 years correspond to normoemic type. This pattern doesn’t change with age, and counts about of 51% from prepubertal age children; hypoemic type was registered for 48% of children, hyperemic type – for 1%

Key words: blood microcirculation, normoemic, hypoemic, hyperemic types.


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