V. P. Kolomiychuk


Quantitative indicators of the coastal flora of the Azov Sea are presented. Geographical features of the flora of the region have been analyzed. The major endemic complexes of the flora being investigated are described. Thus flora of the coastal zone of the Azov Sea is heterogeneous (allochthonous-autochthonous), in which one can clearly determine the ancient Mediterranean component, which is shown in intertidal and halophyte substrates; and flat young prairie that formed by young Pontian elements. The transformation of flora of coastal ecosystems of Azov Sea in the second half of the twentieth century became threatening. Modern development of the coastal zone of the Azov Sea is under intensive agricultural pressure, construction and development communications. These processes affect the degradation of vegetation, depletion and enrichment of aboriginal alien component of the flora of the region

Key words: coastal zone, flora, endemism, the genesis, Azov Sea.

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