V. V. Dubatolov, S. K. Korb, R. V. Yakovlev


A review of the genus Triphysa Zeller, 1858 is presented. One new species Triphysa issykkulica sp.n. (type locality: Kazakhstan, W of Almaty, 800 m) and 8 new subspecies are described: Triphysa phryne kasikoporana ssp. n. (type locality: Kasikoporan [NE Turkey, Agri prov.]), Triphysa striatula urumtchiensis ssp. n. (type locality: Urumtchi), Triphysa issykkulica pljustchi ssp. n. (type locality: W. Kirgiziya, Talasskii Mts., Manas), Triphysa nervosa tuvinica ssp. n. (type locality: N. Tuva, near Kyzyl, Tuge Mt.), Triphysa nervosa arturi ssp. n. (type locality: S. Tuva, 15 km WSW Erzin), Triphysa nervosa kobdoensis ssp. n. (type locality: W. Mongolia, Hovd aimak, 15 km S Khara-Us-Nuur lake, 1300 m), Triphysa nervosa mongolaltaica ssp. n. (type locality: Mongolia, Hovd aimak, Bulgan-Gol basin, middle stream of Ulyasutai-Gol river, 2500−3000 m) and Triphysa nervosa brinikhi ssp. n. (type locality: Russia, Chita Reg., Onon distr., 18 km WSW Nizhniy Zasuchey vill., Butyvken lake, Pinus forest, steppe) are described. New status for Triphysa striatula Elwes, 1899, stat. n. is established. The lectotypes of Triphysa nervosa gartoki O.Bang-Haas, 1927, Triphysa phryne kintschouensis O. Bang-Haas, 1939, Triphysa phryne biocellata Staudinger, 1901, Triphysa nervosa tscherski Grum-Grshimailo, 1899 [1900], Triphysa nervosa glacialis A. Bang-Haas, 1912 are designated, the neotype of T. dohrnii Zeller, 1850 (type locality: [Russia], Sarepta) is designated.


Lepidoptera; Satyridae; Triphysa; fauna; new taxa; Palaearctic.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/201628

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