L. I. Arabadzhi, A. M. Solonenko, O. G. Bren, M. I. Holubev


Information about species composition of Cyanoprocaryota representatives in the natural boundary of Tubalskyi Estuary within Pryazov National Natural Park is supplemented. Taxonomic structure of identified algae species is given, the data about occurrence of species in different habitats within national park is provided. We present a systematic structure and geographical affinity of discovered algae species. We registered 38 species of cyanoprocaryotic algae of orders: Chroococcales, Oscillatoriales and Nostocales with predominance of Oscillatoriales representatives in different habitats of Tubalskyi Estuary within the areas of Pryazov National Natural Park. The greatest number of algae species had genera Lyngbya, Phormidium, Microcoleus Leptolyngbya – 4 species per each genera. The majority of algae species were the cosmopolitans. Microcoleus tenerrimus was registered in all the studied plots of soil sampling and in the water reservoir of Tubalskyi Estuary. The most abundant and distributed species was Lyngbya aestuarii, which formed the macroscopic growths (cyanobacterial mats).


Cyanoprocaryota; algae; Tubаlskyi Estuary; North Pryazovye; national park.

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