T. I. Shuplat, V. V. Popovich


The peculiarities of undertree microclimate of Juniperus L. shrubs are presented. The studied plants were registered within the municipal area of Lviv city and its green belt. Temperature and humidity conditions of the undertree space in summer and winter periods were studied in detail. The comparison of indices of microclimate under the shrubs and adjacent open area was done. The thermal influence of snow accumulation and negative effects of the process of glaciation on sprouts of shrubs with different crown heights and shapes was detemined. It was suggested that undertree microclimate plays an extremely important role in the formation of climatope and edaphotope of juniper ground shrubs especially for those which grow in urban xerophilous environment.


juniperus; microclimate; phytoclimate; edaphotope; climatope; snow accumulation; xerophiytization; thermal value.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15421/2016109

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